‘Anti-anti-injunction’: Lawyers reveal Euronav’s rare legal bid in $35m ‘Iranian’ crude case


"…Campaign group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) had raised the alarm about the source of the reputed Iraqi cargo during its discharge from the Vietnamese-owned 105,200-dwt Abyss (built 1998) to the Oceania. The group claimed the Abyss had been spoofing its position and had loaded the cargo at the Iranian port of Bandar Mahshahr. The legal dispute centres on the agreement struck by Malaysian company Silk Straits to secure three months of storage on the Oceania at $20,000 per day from Euronav. Silk Straits in turn rented out the space to Black Swan Petroleum. But Black Swan Petroleum claims it was not part of an agreement in the original deal to settle any dispute at arbitration in London. Euronav’s own investigation backed UANI’s claims."