Yazdikhah, Ali

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"Ali Yazdikhah is an Iranian lawmaker and hardliner as well as a member of the Culture Commission of the Iranian Parliament. He is one of the 227 members of parliament who signed a statement on 6 November 2022 praising security forces for killing protestors and urging the judiciary to accelerate trials and sentence protestors to death by declaring them as 'Muharebeh,' or 'enmity against God.' Moreover, he is a driving force behind legislation enforcing restrictive clothing rules on women by enacting penalties for institutions, businesses and individuals that interact with non-compliant women, thus creating a boycott against them. As a Member of the Iranian Parliament, Yazdikhah supported the killing, detention and torture of people during the 2022/2023 nationwide protests in Iran. He further supports legislation that substantially revokes the social and economic rights of women in Iran. He is therefore responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran."1 


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