Sadeghi, Abdollah Haji

Sadeghi, Abdollah Hajji

The supreme leader's representative to the IRGC (essentially the organization's political commissar), 2018–present, and formerly deputy representative, 2011–18.1 The supreme leader holds ultimate authority over and responsibility for all policy making and the national- and internal-security systems. 

The IRGC is sanctioned by the U.S. for human rights abuses. According to the U.S. Treasury Department: "Formed by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini in the aftermath of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the IRGC was responsible for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the country and safeguarding the nascent revolution. In recent years, however, the IRGC has increased its involvement with internal threats to the regime, suppressing political dissent since the contested June 2009 presidential election. The IRGC is responsible for the serious human rights abuses that have occurred since the contested June 12, 2009, presidential election, including the violent crackdowns on protests and the mistreatment of political detainees held in a ward of Tehran’s Evin prison controlled by the IRGC."2 

"The IRGC has amassed a formidable intelligence apparatus that engages in repression and censorship and operates sections of Tehran’s notorious Evin prison complex where prisoners, many of whom are incarcerated for political reasons, face deplorable conditions, complete with torture and other human abuses."

Sadeghi has reportedly stated that "[f]eminism and support for equal rights are propaganda tools of the West."3 





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