Isfahan Central Prison

Also Known As:
Dastgerd Prison; Esfahan Prison; Isfahan Prison; Prison of Isfahan
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"... also known as 'Dastgerd Prison,' located in Isfahan city, is where, according to media reports, Mostafa Salehi, an electrical generator repairman, was executed on August 5, 2020 after taking part in streets protests in December 2017 and January 2018. According to Human Rights Watch, the prosecutor in Salehi’s case accused him of having contacts with foreign intelligence and having 'organized the riots.' Salehi was convicted of murder for the killing of an IRGC officer during these protests but maintained his innocence and independent media reports suggest that the prosecution authorities failed to provide evidence of his guilt. Isfahan Central Prison is responsible for the flagrant denial of the right to life and liberty of Salehi for seeking to exercise his right to freedom of expression and his right of peaceful assembly." 1

"Isfahan Central Prison is an institution controlled by the Prison Division of the Judiciary that is frequently used to detain political prisoners and house them in inadequate conditions which violate their human rights. Further, the evidence confirms that multiple executions have occurred within the penitentiary. Isfahan Central Prison is therefore responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran."2




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