IDF Thwarted Iranian Arms Smuggling Attempt Via Jordan

IDF Thwarted Iranian Arms Smuggling Attempt Via Jordan

Israel and the Palestinian Territories 

IDF Thwarted Iranian Arms Smuggling Attempt Via Jordan

The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday cleared for publication that security forces foiled an attempt to smuggle Iranian-made explosives into Israel from Jordan in July. 

Netanyahu Threatens Hamas Terrorists 

Israel’s prime minister responded on Sunday to threats of an escalation over the weekend from the deputy head of Hamas’ politburo Saleh al-Arouri. He said anyone carrying out terrorist activity “will pay the full price.” Al-Arouri has long been close with Iran, and Israel has considered targeting him for assassination in response to Hamas’ terror attacks.  

Truck Ramming Terror Attack Near Modiin 

An off-duty Israeli soldier was killed and six other people, some of them soldiers, were wounded in a truck-ramming terror attack at a West Bank checkpoint near the central city of Modiin on Thursday morning. 

Lebanon and Hezbollah 

Security Council Extends UNIFIL Peacekeepers’ Mandate, Rejects Hezbollah Demands 

The United Nations Security Council voted on Thursday to extend the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, hours before it was due to expire. The vote was 13-0, with permanent members China and Russia both abstaining. The resolution approved by the Security Council demands that the Lebanese military and Hezbollah stop blocking the movement of the UN peacekeeping force and guarantee its freedom to operate, “including by allowing announced and unannounced patrols.” Lebanese officials had pushed to remove a provision in the resolution, first introduced last year, that allows the peacekeepers to patrol without giving prior notice to the Lebanese army.  

But the council ignored Lebanon’s request, instead voting to strengthen last year’s text and reaffirming that under the agreement between the United Nations and the Lebanese government, the peacekeeping force known as UNIFIL “does not require prior authorization or permission to undertake its mandated tasks.”  

Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of Hezbollah, said in a speech Monday that the provision is a violation of Lebanese sovereignty, and that the United States wants the UN peacekeeping force “to be spies for the Israelis.” Nasrallah said the unmodified resolution would remain “ink on paper” as the people living in south Lebanon, where Hezbollah has its center of support and military operations, “will not allow a decision to be implemented despite the Lebanese government’s rejection of it,” although he gave the caveat that they “would not use weapons” against UNIFIL forces.  

Iranian Foreign Minister Meets With Nasrallah, Hamas, and PIJ Leaders in Lebanon 

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian visited Lebanon on Friday, where he met with Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. According to Hezbollah spokesperson, Nasrallah and the Iranian foreign minister discussed the latest developments in Lebanon and the region. The top Iranian diplomat arrived in Beirut on Thursday after a two-day visit to Syria.  

Amir Abdollahian also met with the leaders of the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad terror organizations. According to the Islamic Republic-affiliated Press TV, the sides emphasized the need for the "liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation." "There will be no retreat from the resistance's operations in the West Bank," they said, calling the operations a "priority.”  

Hezbollah's Nasrallah Warns Israel Against Assassinations in Lebanese Territory 

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Monday that "any assassination in Lebanese territory targeting a Palestinian, Lebanese, or Iranian will not go quietly." Nasrallah made the remarks during a speech to mark the victory over ISIS on the Syrian-Lebanese border. Nasrallah’s comments were made in response to Israel’s security cabinet agreeing on “a series of decisions to target terrorists and authorized the prime minister and the defense minister to act on the matter.” No details were given on the nature of those decisions but leaks from the meeting said the resumption of assassinations was one of the steps called for. Nasrallah, in response, threatened that he and his organization "will not allow Lebanon to be an arena for assassinations again, and we will not agree to any change in the rules of the game.”

Commenting on the uptick of terror attacks from the West Bank, which prompted the Netanyahu government’s decision, Nasrallah claimed "The resistance in the West Bank is from Palestinian popular will," despite mounting evidence of the group’s and its patron Iran’s involvement in the escalation. Nasrallah added that "Because of Israel's weakness in the face of growing resistance, Netanyahu is trying is to escape it and present what is happening in the West Bank as an Iranian plot."


Israeli Airstrike Puts Aleppo Airport Out of Service Again

An Israeli air attack put Syria's Aleppo airport out of service on Monday, the Syrian defense ministry said, while regional intelligence sources said an Iranian arms depot was hit within the compound of Nairab military airport next to Aleppo airport.