Support UANI’s Work To End Foreign Business Deals With Tehran

In the face of Iran’s unrelenting state-sponsored terrorism, nuclear advancement, and human rights abuses, businesses keep providing lifelines to Tehran. Although U.S. sanctions aim to curb these activities, international business engagements and third-party transactions buoy the regime’s resilience.

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI)’s Business Risk campaign aims to detect, disrupt and dismantle these lifelines. UANI works to impede Tehran’s snaring of foreign businesses and educate business leaders on better protecting themselves from the long arm of the regime and its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)-dominated economy. Your invaluable support has enabled us to achieve tangible successes:

  • Severing Terror Ties: UANI prompted two European manufacturers working with the Iranian Aris Engineering Group, connected to the IRGC from continuing to service the Iranian market. Upon receipt of evidence provided by UANI about Aris’ terror ties, Italian manufacturer ADOS and Finnish industrial flow measurement device company Kytola Instruments ended all sales to Iran, closing a dangerous supply channel.
  • Punishing Enablers of Human Rights Abuses: UANI’s intervention prompted the UAE-based Middle East Distribution Centre (MEDC) to sever ties with Tiandy Technologies Co., which supplies the IRGC with surveillance tools used to oppress Iranian women. After being presented with UANI’s evidence, MEDC halted all major stock orders from Tiandy and canceled all plans to participate with Tiandy in future trade shows.
  • Ending Access To Critical Drone Components: UANI identified multiple European companies actively engaged with a U.S.-sanctioned entity known to supply engines to the IRGC to manufacture weaponized drones. Spanish company Jets Munt agreed to cut ties with Ozone Hobby following receipt of UANI’s evidence, affirming their condemnation of “any type of terrorism.”
  • Protecting American Businesses from Iranian Entanglements: UANI located evidence that Brazilian firm WEG, which has a significant U.S. presence through subsidiaries, was engaged in selling power generators to two Iranian firms, including one that supports Iran’s U.S.-sanctioned oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Days after UANI expressed its concerns, WEG began terminating “any and all Iran business ties” with Iran.

But there’s much more to do.

With your tax-deductible contribution this Giving Tuesday, UANI can escalate its crucial initiatives, safeguard international businesses, and amplify pressure on Iran’s regime leaders. Your immediate action is essential – each day without your support is a missed opportunity to weaken Tehran’s oppressive reach.