34-Year Central Intelligence Agency Veteran Norman T. Roule Joins United Against Nuclear Iran As Senior Advisor

New York, N.Y. - United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), the bipartisan, not-for-profit advocacy group leading efforts to warn companies and governments around the world of the dangers posed by the Iranian regime, announced today that Norman T. Roule has joined the organization as a senior advisor. Roule brings 34 years of experience from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), managing numerous programs relating to Iran and the Middle East. 

"The path forward in the Middle East is not certain and UANI is doing vital work to ensure that the United States, its allies and businesses around the globe understand the dangers of engaging with this regime," said Mr. Roule. "I look forward to working with this highly-respected group of experts to strengthen their efforts to highlight the risk Iran poses to the world."

During his 34-year career with the CIA, Roule served as the National Intelligence Manager for Iran (NIM-I) at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence from November 2008 to September 2017. As NIM-I, he was the principal Intelligence Community (IC) official responsible for overseeing all aspects of national intelligence policy and activities related to Iran, including IC engagement on Iran issues with senior policy makers in the National Security Council and the Department of State.

Mr. Roule's service in the CIA's Directorate of Operations included roles as division chief, deputy division chief and chief of station. He has held multiple senior assignments in Washington, as well as during more than 15 years working overseas.

"Norm is an American patriot and he is renown in the intelligence community for his mind, service and commitment to American national security. He has been a world leading expert on Iran for decades. We are honored that he joins UANI as a Senior Advisor where the broader public will now have access to his insights, expertise and opinions," said UANI CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace.

Roule was recently featured in a Washington Post column by David Ignatius about the ongoing confrontations between Israel and Iran in Syria; in Richard Engel's reporting about North Korean and Iranian covert shipments; on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier in a segmentabout the recent protests in Iran; and on Bloomberg News.

For more information, or to speak with Mr. Roule or UANI leadership, please contact: [email protected].