Fratelli Cosulich


"President of the Iranian Shipping Company IRISL said 'We’ve chosen the Fratelli Cosulich shipping company to be our European partner. They are our reference point, especially in Italy.'" (The Medi Telegraph, "We'll bring 50 Iranian ships a year to Genoa" 6/21/2016).

"A new bunkering alliance between Italy’s Fratelli Cosulich and the Iranian national shipping group IRISL will take shape in the near future. Fratelli Cosulich is developing new projects in maritime insurance brokerage and in bunkering. We are going to set up a new joint venture with the national shipping group IRISL aimed at offering ship bunkering services in the port of Bandar Abbas. That’s something we have been doing for a long time now in the port of Singapore.” (Splash 24/7, "Fratelli Cosulich forms bunkering alliance in Iran with IRISL," 5/19/2016).


The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (“IRISL”) website publicized, “a memorandum for the purpose of establishing a joint company in the representative sector was signed between IRISL and Italian company Fratelli Cosulich.” (IRISL Website, “Iran and Italy sign MoU to establish a joint company in Italy,” 7/12/2015).


Chairman of IRISL, reportedly stated in 2015 that, “[as soon as international sanctions are cancelled we will be ready, together with our old dating partner Fratelli Cosulich, to debut again." Fratelli Cosulich President Augusto Cosulich stated “we already established a joint venture with IRISL, which was dormant during the embargo, and for the time being it will be revived. We are glad that IRISL selected it to debut on the European market” (Ship 2 Shore, “IRISL to debut in Italy in grand style by 2016,” 2/11/2015).