Watch Iran’s ‘Sham Election’ To See Who’s Rising Within The Regime

New York Sun

"The most important role of that group of regime loyalists is to handpick the next supreme leader. Its 88 members, known as Mujtahids, are elected to serve a term of eight years. In that time span Mr. Khamenei, who will turn 85 in April and is reported to be in bad health, is likely to leave the stage. “Rouhani’s disqualification is important,” the policy director at United Against Nuclear Iran, Jason Brodsky, tells the Sun. “It shows that Khamanei does not take chances by installing people he doesn’t trust” in the Assembly of Experts. “He wants his legacy to be preserved” by ensuring that the next top ayatollah would continue his policies. The election for the Majlis is less significant than for the Assembly of Experts. The parliament  no longer has any say on directing policy. The group’s members “are all yes-men, and the little criticism that the regime allowed in the past no longer exists,” Mr. Sabti says.