The “Sunflowers” Affair: The Villejuif Trafficker, The Terrorist Attack In Spain And The Shadow Of Iran

Le Monde

"On November 9, 2023, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, a senior Spanish politician, escaped an assassination attempt in broad daylight in Madrid. He immediately accused the Iranian regime. According to information from “Le Monde”, the main suspect, a delinquent from Val-de-Marne, was arrested on June 6 in the Netherlands. The French police had been looking for him for almost two years in connection with a narchomicide case in Val-d'Oise. While the hypothesis of a state crime perpetrated by a drug cartel may at first seem disconcerting, it does not surprise experts on the Iranian regime. “Tehran is a specialist in subcontracting and regularly uses criminal groups to eliminate opponents abroad. In return, it offers asylum and protection to their leaders,” explains Jason Brodsky, a researcher specializing in Iran and policy director of United Against Nuclear Iran."