MAHSA Act, A Bipartisan Iran Sanctions Bill, Likely Dead In The Senate

Jewish Insider

"... The bill passed the House by a 410-3 vote last September, but faced controversy as it advanced through the House. Lawmakers had pursued last-minute negotiations about the bill’s language — with some Democrats raising concerns that the bill provided the president too little leeway to waive sanctions for national security reasons — as it moved through the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Lawmakers had left open the possibility of further changes as the legislation moved forward. However, humanitarian concerns had not been raised as a major concern in previous public debate about the bill. Hope said that Cardin’s office had also largely rebuffed other outreach from the activists about other measures to combat Iran, including legislation to permanently freeze the $6 billion released as part of a hostage deal earlier this year, and a request to hold a hearing. The bill is supported by AIPAC, in addition to the National Union for Democracy in Iran and United Against Nuclear Iran.  "