UANI Resource on the Iranian Regime's Anti-Americanism


June 2, 2015
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UANI Resource on the Iranian Regime's Anti-Americanism

"Death to America" Means "Death to Americans"


New York, NY - With the commencement of the show trial of American journalist Jason Rezaian on trumped-up espionage charges, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is releasing a resource documenting the history and scope of Iranian regime anti-Americanism.

Since its founding, leaders of the Islamic Republic have called for "Death to America" and labeled the United States the "Great Satan."

The regime's hostile rhetoric has historically translated to action. Indeed, "Death to America" has meant "Death to Americans," as the regime has acted to murder and maim Americans for more than the 35 years.

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Iran's American Hostages


Three decades after the conclusion of the Iran Hostage Crisis, four Americans--Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian (10+ months in prison), Pastor Saeed Abedini (1,000+ days in prison), Marine veteran Amir Hekmati (1,300+ days in prison), and former FBI agent Robert Levinson (missing for 8+ years or 3,000+ days)--are being held in Iran on trumped-up charges. These American prisoners have reportedly been subject to physical and psychological torture including forced confessions, extended solitary confinement, and beatings.  

Timeline of Anti-American Hostilities   

Since its founding in 1979, the Iranian regime has gone to great lengths to target U.S. interests and Americans through terrorism, militant proxies, hostage-taking, naval mines, and cyber-attacks. All told, the Iranian regime is responsible for the deaths of more than 1,000 Americans.

Anti-American Statements from Iranian Leaders

Despite President Obama's overtures to Iran beginning in his 2009 inaugural address and continuing with personal correspondence to the Supreme Leader and multiple Nowruz messages broadcast to the Iranian people, virulent anti-Americanism remains a core pillar of the regime's ideology. Its revolutionary slogan remains "Death to America."


President Hassan Rouhani: "Saying 'Death to America' is easy. We need to express 'Death to America' with action."


Iran's Anti-Western Conspiracies and Prohibitions 


The Iranian regime embraces and propagates irrational, hateful, anti-Western conspiracy theories including that ISIS was created by the U.S. and UK to divide Muslims and that the Charlie Hebdo murders were carried out by French intelligence.