UANI Launches Iranian Regime Election Repression Toolkit


May 23, 2013 
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UANI Launches Iranian Regime Election Repression Toolkit
Site Identifies Companies Whose Products are Used for Political Oppression in Iran 

New York, NY - On Thursday, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) unveiled its Iranian Regime Election Repression Toolkit.

The Election Repression Toolkit highlights the Iranian regime's use of Western and Asian technology and equipment to stifle political dissent and deny voters basic rights of free expression and protest. Interested parties can visit to see which corporations' technology and products are being misused by the regime for political oppression, and contact those companies' executives.

During the fraudulent 2009 Iranian presidential elections, the regime used foreign technology and equipment from corporations such as MTN, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, Huawei, Honda, and Nissan to restrict and monitor internet and cellphone communication, and to physically terrorize and kill civilians.

This year, the regime is even more aggressively stifling dissent, and is again making use of technology and equipment from international corporations that continue to irresponsibly do business in Iran.

Said UANI CEO, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace:

It is clear that this year's Iranian presidential election will be a fraudulent and undemocratic process. The regime is methodically working to prevent a repeat of the events of 2009 by blocking public dissent, and engineering a predetermined outcome by permitting only regime-approved loyalist candidates to stand for election.

In Iran, telecommunications equipment, motorbikes, and construction cranes are misused by the regime to restrict and monitor internet and cellular communications, terrorize and intimidate civilians, and hang dissidents. Foreign firms providing such equipment must immediately end their Iran business and not support the regime's ruthless human rights abuses.

Click here to visit UANI's Iranian Regime Election Repression Toolkit.