UANI Calls For Military Response To Iranian Attacks Threatening Freedom Of Navigation

(New York, N.Y.) — United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace and Chairman Senator Joseph I. Lieberman issued the following joint statement today following a series of hijackings in international waters by forces backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is emerging as one of the world’s most significant threat actors to freedom of navigation.

“In the span of one week, Iran-backed terrorists hijacked a vessel and took its crew hostage, attacked a container ship using a bomb-carrying Iranian drone, and launched missiles at the USS Mason. UANI Chief of Staff Claire Jungman confirmed the movements of the vessels involved in the attacks through our ship-tracking.

“UANI has repeatedly warned that the present deployment of U.S. naval forces in the Persian Gulf is insufficient to counter the Iranian regime’s aggression toward merchant vessels operating in international waters. More recently, UANI has called for President Biden to restore deterrence by ordering military strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen and military and intelligence targets in Iran, including Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) sites and missile and drone bases.

“Without a coordinated multinational military response to eliminate the threats to maritime security posed by the Islamic Republic, IRGC, and Iran-backed Houthis, the international community should anticipate that Tehran will continue its brazen attacks against vessels tied to any foreign adversary, including the United States, and will threaten or impede vessels by other means, including mining or imposing a blockade, without consequence.

“The U.S. and U.S.-led Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) cannot afford to allow Iranian aggression to pass without a decisive military response. It is essential that the international community stamp out this threat immediately and send an unambiguous message to the Iranian regime that its reckless and unlawful behavior will carry a significant cost.”

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