UANI Applauds Sanctions On Iranian Cyber Threat Group, Hezbollah Companies

(New York, N.Y.) – United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) Chairman Senator Joseph I. Lieberman and CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace released the following joint statement today upon news that the U.S. Department of the Treasury has imposed sanctions on cyber actors linked to Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security as well as entities and individuals tied to Hezbollah. Both sanctions are intended to curb the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ability to achieve its foreign policy objectives.

“UANI applauds the Trump administration for its continued efforts to stymie Iran’s influence abroad by sanctioning those within the regime who are engaged in malign behavior. Iran’s inferior conventional military capabilities – due in large part to the U.N. arms embargo that remains in place – has forced them to rely on other means, including cyber warfare. Iran has used cyberattacks to target the U.S. public and private sectors, and already, intelligence agencies have warned that Iran will grow increasingly aggressive in its actions. The sanctions announced today are a strong roadblock to this avenue of attacks.

“The sanctions on Hezbollah-affiliated entities and individuals are also an important step towards stopping the group from enriching itself on the backs of the Lebanese people. These funds are used to finance terrorist activities in both Lebanon and abroad at the bidding of Hezbollah’s financial patron Iran. The revelation today that Hezbollah has been stockpiling caches of ammonium nitrate throughout Europe since 2012 makes it all the more important for the international community to sanction Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization.”

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