UANI Applauds EU for Adopting Oil Embargo on Iran


January 23, 2012

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UANI Applauds EU for Adopting Oil Embargo on Iran


New York, NY - On Monday, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, issued the following statement regarding the European Union's adoption of an embargo on Iranian oil imports, a measure UANI publicly called for throughout 2011.


The EU has taken a significant step in the international effort to isolate the Iranian regime. By barring imports of Iranian oil, the EU stands to cut off a great deal of the financial capital the regime now receives--the very capital it uses to pursue nuclear weapons, sponsor terrorism, and threaten the world.


From Europe to North America to Africa to Asia, the international community is now applying more leverage on Iran than ever before. If countries and companies around the world continue to implement embargoes and toughen sanctions against Iran, the regime will truly see the consequences of its behavior.


UANI has continually called for EU states to ban the importing of Iranian oil, including in a September Op-Ed in The [UK] Times, and a November Op-Ed in The National Review.


According to The New York Times, oil makes up 60 percent of Iran's economy, and European countries purchased about 18 percent of Iranian oil exports in 2010.