Iran Reporting Fraction Of Prisoner Executions, Including Juveniles, Says Rights Group

Iranian Regime Continues Building On Its Brutal Record Of Human Rights Abuses

(New York, N.Y.) – According to a recent report by Iran Human Rights (IHR), the Islamic Republic of Iran vastly underreported the number of prisoner executions carried about by the regime in 2019. The report alleges that just 30 percent of prisoner executions were publicly announced and confirmed and that at least four juvenile offenders were executed. Iran is known to carry out secretive executions without alerting a convict’s legal representation. That’s not to mention Amnesty International’s finding on Thursday that around 36 prisoners are thought to have been killed by regime forces, following inmates protesting prison conditions amid a severe outbreak of the coronavirus.

The regime is notorious for its human rights violations and track record of inhumane treatment of political prisoners, ethnic and religious minorities and even children that are Iranian citizens. In November 2019, the regime firmly displayed the brutal tactics of mismanagement and negligence, in which authorities attempted to silence Iranian civilians peacefully protesting significant increases in fuel prices by using live ammunition, tear gas and lethal force to disperse crowds. According to the U.S. Department of State, following the protests, at least 1,000 Iranian citizens may have been executed by the regime, including children.

United Against Nuclear Iran’s (UANI) resource, Cruel and Inhuman: Executions and Other Punishments in Iran, outlines the developments and history of the Iranian regime’s targeted executions and punishments for prisoners in its captivity.

To read UANI’s resource, Cruel and Inhuman: Executions and Other Punishments in Iran, please click here.