ICYMI--UANI Senior Advisor Norman Roule Predicts Iran Will Continue To Defy Sanctions & Fund Global Terrorism

THE HUGH HEWITT SHOW’S HUGH HEWITT: “In the near term, the next couple of years as we approach a transition and we have Soleimani who you might explain to the audience putting out tweets that appear to show a White House being blown up and bombing plots in Paris. What the hell is going on over there?”

NORMAN ROULE: “Well, in the near term, I think what you’re going to see is the Iranians continue to posture defiance, they will attempt to drive wedges between the United States, Russia, China because a combined diplomatic, multilateral economic pressure campaign is something they definitely fear. In the near term, they’re going to try to lock in as many oil contracts as they can, you know they’ll offer substantial discounts to the people that might be willing to violate sanctions. They’re going to try to bring as much money and commodities back inside to forestall unrest in the future. But they’re unlikely, I would say, to reestablish their nuclear weapons program in the near term.  And the reason for that is the Israelis have just shown them that they have few actual secrets because they brought out this massive cache and documentation and I think if I were the Iranians, I would not want to go in that direction because of what it would mean in terms of breaking that diplomatic campaign. So in medium terms, I think where you have is a lot of dangerous actions. I think Iran will attempt missile shots, to show that it’s got a missile program, I think Iran will begin a cyber campaign, to demonstrate its cyber tools, Iran will not cease to support its regional surrogates although I think the money they will have available to Hezbollah, and this is important, will be reduced over time. So in the medium term, I think the Iranians are going to try and test our will while also showing the Europeans that they are willing to talk, and I’d like to close with one comment on the Europeans. You correctly mentioned that the Iranians appeared to have been behind an attempted terrorist action in Paris. At the same time this year, it’s not generally known, the Dutch threw out a couple of Iranian diplomats who were apparently engaging in a similar activity. In January of this year, the Germans arrested a number of Iranian surrogates abroad who were looking at Jewish and Israeli sites in Germany, you had that late last year as well. So Iran’s terrorism activities do not appear to be lessening at all.”

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