Eye on Iran's Protests - January 11, 2024

After over 500 Iranians were killed by the Islamic Republic’s security forces for legitimately protesting their government, Iranians took to the streets and social media on the anniversary of Qassem Soleimani’s assassination by the U.S., not to celebrate his life but to display their outrage with the brutal and corrupt regime he served.

Deteriorating economic conditions in Iran have spurred workers to engage in 320 protests and 111 worker strikes throughout 2023.

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Kurdish activist Roya Heshmati was lashed 74 times at the District 7 Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran, which resembled a “fully-equipped medieval torture chamber.” Her crime: posting a photo of herself without a hijab.

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January 7 was the anniversary of the execution of Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Mohammad Hosseini, who were convicted of “waging war against God” in connection with the Woman, Life, Freedom movement.

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Iranians posted videos of a Kotlet in the shape of Soleimani’s hand complete with his signature ring to express their hatred of the revered terrorist.

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Iranian protesters trampled on a street sign named after Soleimani.

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Iranian security forces violently apprehended a Kurdish child.

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Davoud Abdollahi, a member Iran’s Kurdish Sunni minority, was executed for “corruption on earth” after a grossly unfair trial.

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Iranian political prisoners are facing imminent execution by the regime.

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