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Yamaha's Outboard Engine has been found in the following Houthi weapon system: WBIED. (UN Security Council, "Letter dated 22 January 2021 from the Panel of Experts on Yemen addressed to the President of the Security Council," 1/21). 


Yamaha is listed as a participating company at the 14th International Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services & Related Industries which takes place October 27-30th, 2016 in Tehran Iran. (Participating International Companies)  


"Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd (YMC) has recently concluded a technical assistance agreement with the nationaly run Iranian motorcycle maker DMI to being the manufacture of motorcylces in Iran...In the past, from 1971 to '81, DMI manufactured three Yamaha brand motorcycle models..."  (Yamaha.  "Yamaha Brand Motorcycle Production Begins Again in Iran."  5/23/2001)