Linde Material Handling

Manufacturing, Construction

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LINDE Material and Handling is a leading manufacturere of forklifts and warehouse trucks. It also offers expolosion protected models.
LINDE Material and Handling works in Iran through its partner, Mehrizan Industrial Development.
LINDE Material and Handling is subsidiary of parent company, Linde.


"Germany’s multi-billion euro bilateral trade relationship with Iran continues unabated, even as evidence mounts that the Islamic Republic is determined to build a nuclear weapons capability. The Jerusalem Post has obtained an uncensored list from late 2011, showing hundreds of German and Iranian enterprises in a flourishing trade relationship . . . The list also has an entry from Linde Material Handling GmbH. Linde spokesman Detlef Sieverdingbeck wrote via email that the company delivered roughly 30 forklifts to Iranian customers in 2011, with revenue totaling 800,000 euros. He said that since December, the company has not accepted new orders from Iran because of political conditions. It is unclear if the Linde forklifts have been used in nuclear-related construction work. (Jerusalem Post, "German firms still ship dual-use goods to Iran Jerusalem," 7/9/12)