Inter Rao UES

Inter Rao

As of August 15, 2019, the state of Iowa listed Inter Rao on its Iran scrutinized companies list.


In 2018 the U.S. state of Iowa listed Inter Rao on its Iran prohibited companies list rendering Inter Rao ineligible for investment and/or state contracting.


"Inter RAO – Export LLC and the Khuzestan Water & Power Authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a project to expand the Dez hydropower plant by 720 MW, which involves the construction of an additional turbine hall," the company said in a press release. Inter RAO — Export, which is a subsidiary of Inter RAO, a public joint-stock company, undertakes projects abroad as a contractor. Under the two memorandums, the company will be in charge of drawing up technical and commercial proposals for the projects, it was noted in the statement." (March 2016)


"In response to your request dated August 26, 2020, we inform you that the Group Inter RAO has not sold and is not currently implementing any projects on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition, today day there are no documents that oblige the Inter RAO Group participate in the development or implementation of projects in conjunction with private or state-owned companies of Iran." (9/16/2020)