Sungjin Geotec Co., Ltd

KRX: 051310
South Korea
Sungjin Geotec

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Sungjin Geotec is a subsidiary of South Korean Steel Company POSCO


"In recent years, Sungjin Geotec entered into contracts with various suppliers to supply equipment for the development of natural gas fields in Iran, including natural gas fields located in South Pars that is led by Pars Oil and Gas Company, a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company. Sungjin Geotec recognized revenues of approximately Won 76.2 billion in 2010 and Won 28.3 billion in 2011 from such activities, and it expects to complete all of such contracts by May 2012 . . . Sungjin Geotec’s supply contracts described above and/or performance thereunder may be sanctionable under the CISADA . . ." (SEC, "Form 20-F," 4/30/12)