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Russia’s media say the country’s aviation giant Sukhoi has signed a basic agreement with Iran to sell its Superjet 100 planes. Interfax news agency announced in a report that the agreement – which has been signed with an unnamed Iranian company – enables both sides to study the projected sales. The news agency quoted an anonymous Russia aviation official as confirming the development. The official added, however, that the agreement was still not binding. Hossein Alaei, the head of Iran’s Aseman Airlines, had earlier said his company was negotiating with Sukhoi as well as several other leading global plane makers to renovate its fleet. Alaei added that Sukhoi had carried out trial flights of its Superjet 100 last week in Tehran – what he said had been carried out at the invitation of Aseman Airlines. (Press TV,  "Sukhoi signs basic plane sales deal with Iran," 12/20/2016).


In 2006, "Rosoboronexport contracted with Iran late July to modernize 30 Su-24 front bombers which may bear tactic nuclear weapons. The contract is to be executed by Sukhoi." (Kommersant, "Sanctions Imposed on Russian Companies Linked with Iran," 08/05/06)

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