Stroytransgaz (STG)

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In a company brochure, STG lists Iran as among those countries where “it has implemented [its] largest infrastructure projects.” 


“Russian company STG has signed a contract with Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation company, known as IMIDRO, to produce alumina from Nepheline syenite, Iran's IRNA news agency quoted IMIDRO director Mehdi Karbasian as saying on April 7. Nepheline syenite is used in glass making, ceramics and in pigments and fillers. STG will handle the production and at a later stage transfer the project to the Iranian side, which refused to give the project to any other specialists. ‘Based on the contract, the Russian company will implement the project in 3-4 years,’ Karbasian said.” (Trend, “Russian company inks mineral contract with Iran,” 4/7/14)


In a 2011 company brochure, STG states that in the past it has completed designs for compressor plants in Havaran and Hadjiabad, Iran. In a separate 2011 brochure, STG states it has completed  “Construction of the Assaluye—Aghajari gas pipeline (62 km)” in Iran.


According to a 2009 company brochure, STG has a representative office in Iran.