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Rickmers-Linie lists a contact in Tehran. (Company Website)


"The Hamburg-based shipping line, Rickmers-Line, has signed a $120-million contract with the Iranian company [Sadra Group] for building four multi-purpose ships.  The project to construct these ships was launched in March and necessary technical equipment has been purchased.  Each of these ships will have the capacity to transport 24,000 tons of cargo. As per the agreement, the four ships will have to be delivered between July 2007-2008.  Several other shipbuilding projects are underway in Iran.  The International Maritime Organization has 140 member-states with Iran among the top 20." (Zaywa, "Sadra Signs $2.4b Shipbuilding Contract," 6/18/06)

“…do not expect further voyages to/from Iran.” (October 19, 2018)