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"Python & Peter, a leading Swiss law firm, has opened an office in Tehran in a further sign of the country opening for business in the wake of the groundbreaking nuclear agreement signed last year. The new office will aim to advise foreign multinationals on how to operate in a country slowly awakening from years of international isolation and numerous economic downturns. In February, Germany's CMS was the first international law firm to open an office in Tehran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution... Iranian law firms with international standards are also rare. But a new generation of lawyers has been encouraged with the entrance of foreign law firms into the country, said Encyeh Seyed Sadr, partner and attorney at law in Bayan Emrooz, a new local law firm. Lack of trust in Iran's judicial system, fears of bias and corruption as well as often lengthy proceedings and high tariffs means many foreign companies are wary of losing their investments should they run into difficulties with their local partners... In a further sign of the growing international interest in setting up business in Iran, a team from the Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution visited Tehran last week, offering fair, independent and flexible arbitration services in any potential future disputes between Iranian and foreign companies." (Financial Times, “Leading Swiss law firm opens Tehran office,” 5/5/2016)