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Printronix, Inc. is a private American company and, according to its website, a “leading developer, manufacturer and provider of industrial and back-office enterprise printing solutions for office/industrial marketplace and distribution supply chain”
(Company Website).

Printronix owns the brand TallyGenicom, acquired in 2009 and previously a close competitor. (“Printronix Named Winning Bidder in Acquisition of U.S.-Based Assets of TallyGenicom.” Company News.)


TallyGenicom has a distributor in Tehran. (Company Website)


Varian Iran, TallyGenicom’s Iranian distributor, features TellyGenicom printing products on its website. (Varian Iran Website)

According to the Varian Iran website, Tally, as the brand was known before its merger with Genicom, began working with Varian Iran in 1989.
(Varian Iran Website)


Jooya Informatics Company, self-identified as “among [the] top private IT companies in Iran,” lists two of its three main successes as “Achievement of best selling distributor in Printronix high speed line printers in Middle East and Africa” and “Achievement of best selling distributor in Printronix laser printers in Europe, Asia and Africa” ("Jooya Informatics Company." Jooya Informatics Website).