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"The European Union has banned Iran's Aseman Airlines from operating within the EU due to safety concerns, in a blow to Tehran which is buying new jets to renew the country's ageing fleet following the lifting of long-term sanctions… Aseman Airlines was reported in August to be buying 20 regional jets from Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for use on domestic routes." (Reuters, "EU bans Iran's Aseman Airlines from flying in Europe," 12/8/2016).


"Iran intends to purchase 20 regional jets from a unit of Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries... [An Iranian deputy cabinet minister said] that the deal was likely to be finalised when a Japanese delegation visits Tehran in December." (Reuters, "Iran plans to buy 20 regional jets from Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy," 8/8/2016)


"The unit of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began market surveys into Iran last September, four months before the U.S. lifted sanctions. The Japanese company has been touching base with flag carrier Iran Air and Iran Aseman Airlines, as well as the country's aviation authorities. Mitsubishi Aircraft and the Iranian carriers are discussing purchase orders during the Farnborough Air Show, which kicked off on Monday in the London suburb." (Asian Review, "Mitsubishi Regional Jet may take off in Iran" 7/12/2016) --