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Merck KGaA

"Laboratory supplies company Millipore Corp. has paid the US government $1,000 to settle allegations that two of its subsidiaries made illegal exports to Iran. Millipore paid the fine on behalf of the company and its subsidiaries to settle alleged violations of Iranian transactions regulations. The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Controls alleged the companies exported scientific samples to Iran without a proper license. The company voluntarily disclosed the matter to the government" (, "Millipore Pays $1000 for Illegal Exports to Iran," 1/12/2008).


In a 2007 letter of correspondence with the SEC, Millipore stated that,  "two companies, NovAseptic AB and Serologicals, sold products into Iran totaling $5,684.80 in 2005, in each case prior to being acquired by Millipore. Millipore acquired NovAseptic AB on August 9, 2005 and acquired Serologicals on July 14, 2006. Neither NovAseptic AB nor Serologicals sold any products or services into Iran after being acquired by Millipore" (Correspondence for Millipore Corporation, 3/1/2007).