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According to its Annual Reports filed with the SEC in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019

We identified through our compliance program that for the period covered by this Report, Mastercard processed transactions resulting from:

•certain European acquirers having acquired transactions for consular services with Iranian embassies located in Austria, France and Spain that accepted Mastercard cards
•certain European and Middle Eastern acquirers having acquired transactions for Iran Air, which accepted Mastercard cards, in Austria, France and Qatar


In 2017 the U.S. state of Michigan listed Mastercard as an Iran restricted company rendering Mastercard ineligible for investment and/or state contracting./ "MasterCard does not have any direct links with Iran due to the primary sanctions still in place, said the Central Bank of Iran’s head of Communications and Information Technology Department.


“Although the US-based company provides no services in Iran, negotiations are underway with non-US international companies to offer international credit cards to Iranians, which will come to fruition next year,” Nasser Hakimi was also quoted as saying by ISNA." (March 4, 2017)


An AP review of corporate SEC filings found dozens of companies that have done business in Iran in recent years or said their products or services may have made it there through other channels. Some are household names: PepsiCo, Tyson Foods, Canon, BP Amoco, Exxon Mobil, GE Healthcare, the Wells Fargo financial services company, Visa, MasterCard and the Cadbury Schweppes candy and beverage maker. (Associated Press, "From bull semen to bras, Iran still buys American," July 9, 2008)

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