Lawrenceville Plasma Physics


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"New Jersey-based Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc and Tehran's Islamic Azad University will jointly design a fusion machine that 'would be affordable to construct in industrializing nations', according to a contract signed last weekend and seen by The Guardian... Sceptics doubt whether US trade sanctions will permit the collaboration. But LPP claimed in a written statement that the pact qualifies as an official US department of treasury exemption 'which authorizes collaborating with academics and research institutions on the … creation and enhancement of written publications.' LPP is scheduled to notify the president's  council of advisors on science and technology of its Iranian partnership at 2pm ET on Friday in Washington DC... LPP is one of several small companies that believe they can crack fusion far sooner than can ITER or the National Ignition Facility (NIF), another international behemoth, based in Livermore, California. Two months ago, LPP reported a breakthrough when it confined a gas at 1.8bn degrees C, much higher than the industry record of 1.1bn degrees C that had stood since 1978... LPP and Azad University are developing 'aneutronic' fusion, which would not rely on neutrons. It would eliminate turbines by providing electricity directly through charged ions." (The Guardian, "Iranian team to collaborate with US company on nuclear fusion project," 5/25/2012)