Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS)

KRX: 036460
South Korea

"Iran on Monday awarded a deal to South Korean's energy giant KOGAS over the development of one of its key gas fields in the Persian Gulf. Rokneddin Javadi, the managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), has been quoted by the media as saying that KOGAS will as per the deal conduct technical studies of Balal gas field. Javadi added that the South Korean energy company will then present its proposals over the development of Balal project to the NIOC. The proposals, he said, will also include the possibility of using the gas from the field to produce liquid natural gas (LNG). The Korean company had earlier signed a basic agreement with the NIOC over the production of LNG, its marketing as well as the transfer of its experiences to Iran in the same area. A separate agreement had also been signed over providing engineering services for the construction of two key gas pipelines for Iran - Iran Gas Trunk-Line 7 (IGAT 7) and Iran Gas Trunk-Line 9 (IGAT 9)." (Press TV, “KOGAS wins deal over Balal gas field,” 5/2/2016)