Keysight Technologies


According to its website, Iranian company Fatehin Sanat provides Keysight Technologies products.


From January to May 2016, Anite, a recently acquired subsidiary of Keysight organized and existing under the laws of England and Wales, engaged in transactions involving the sale of wireless network testing and measurement equipment to an end user in Iran. Anite sold the equipment through intermediate companies for ultimate end use by MTN Irancell, located in Tehran, Iran. These sales were completed in violation of Keysight’s trade policies which currently prohibit all sales to Iranian customers. Keysight discovered this activity after the relevant reporting period and has conducted a comprehensive internal investigation and review.  As a result of this investigation and review, disciplinary action has been taken with respect to employees who knowingly violated company policy and Keysight has implemented additional compliance procedures designed to prevent future violations of policy. (2017)