John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


John Wiley & Sons, reported the following: "In the three and six months ended October 31, 2019, we recorded revenue of $0.2 million and an immaterial amount of net earnings related to the sale of scientific and medical content to certain publicly funded universities, hospitals and institutions that meet the definition of the “Government of Iran” as defined under section 560.304 of title 31, Code of Federal Regulations. We assessed our business relationship and transactions with Iran and believe we are in compliance with the regulations governing the sanctions. We intend to continue in these or similar sales as long as they continue to be consistent with all applicable sanction-related regulations." (2019)


John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (a U.S. company) reported net profits of approximately $0.6 million related to the sale of scientific and medical content to certain “publicly funded universities, hospitals, and institutions that meet the definition of the ‘Government of Iran.” Asserting that these transactions are compliant with U.S. sanctions programs, Wiley & Sons expressed its intent to continue these or similar sales. (2017)


In its 2010 10-K Annual Report Forum, John Wiley & Sons reports that its company sells products to its customers in Iran:

"The Company sells its products to customers in the Middle East (including Iran and Syria), Africa (including Sudan), Cuba, and other developing markets where it does not have operating subsidiaries.  The Company does not own any assets or liabilities in these markets except for trade receivables. Challenges and uncertainties associated with operating in developing markets may entail a relatively higher risk due to political instability, economic volatility, crime, terrorism, corruption, social and ethnic unrest, and other factors.  While sales in these markets do not have a material effect on the Company’s business results, adverse developments related to the risks associated with these markets may cause actual results to differ from historical and forecasted future operating results.  Disruption in these markets could also trigger a decrease in consumer purchasing power, resulting in a reduced demand for our products."

(SEC, 2010 10-K Annual Report Form, 6/23/10)


In a correspondance with the SEC in 2009, John Wiley & Sons disclosed information regarding their sales in Iran.

"Any sales of Wiley books, subscriptions or licenses to journals in Iran occur through regional or national third party agents. These materials are predominantly oriented toward teaching and academic research.  Along with most other major Western publishers, Wiley participates in the annual Tehran International Book Fair, which is hosted by Iran’s Ministry of Culture so that professors and students can more readily find and purchase English language books.  Most Wiley books, nevertheless, are sold through an agent to private booksellers in Iran.  There are two government-organized consortia through which our agents sell subscriptions to Wiley journals.  The Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology oversees sales to approximately 10 universities in Iran.  The Ministry of Health oversees licenses to 47 universities in Iran."(CORRESP for WILEY JOHN SONS INC, 12/3/2009)