Hyundai Corporation

South Korea

As of August 15, 2019, the state of Iowa listed Hyundai on its Iran scrutinized companies list.


"A week after it was announced that French carmaker Peugeot-Citroen had left the Iranian market, Japan’s Mazda and South Korean Hyundai have also suspended contracts with Iran, according to a member of the parliamentary Industries and Mines Commission. In an interview with the parliament-affiliated website, Valiyollah Maleki said June 12, “Mazda and Hyundai’s interests in the U.S. market are much more than in Iran, and they will not sacrifice their profit for the sake of Iran.”" (June 13, 2018).


"So despite concerns over regulation and reputation, that opportunity explains the caravan of container carriers that started resuming service to Iran back in January. The Iranian port at Bandar Abbas now welcomes ships from Evergreen, Hyundai, OOCL, Hanjin, “K” Line, KMTC, X-Press, Yang Ming, and many more..." (Global Trade, "Transportation/Logistics:Iran is Back Open for Business," 11/1/2016).


The Hyundai Corporation is a general trading company specializing in a wide variety of shipping, industrial, chemical, and electrical products. Hyundai Heavy Industries owns a controlling stake  in the Hyundai Corporation.

In 2005, Hyundai Corp signed a $1.9 billion contract to provide Iran with materials “in the fields of shipbuilding, machinery, steel & metal, chemicals, home appliances, etc.” Hyundai Corp’s Tehran Office website contains a Major Products section, which contains a litany of sensitive products with wide applicability in the Iranian energy, petroleum, and even defense industries. This products include: oil tankers, LNG carriers, diesel engines, signaling systems, optical cables, conductor wires, high voltage cables, transmission cables, steel, aluminum, zinc, polypropylene, other chemicals, and consumer electronics.