Hokoul Sal Offshore


"Hokoul S.A.L. Offshore (Hokoul) and Talaqi Group are front companies run by Hizballah official al-Bazzal.  Al-Bazzal has sought to continue operating his network since being designated by OFAC by purporting to transfer ownership of his companies, including Nagham al Hayat and Tawafuk.  In early 2019, al-Bazzal sought to remove his name as an owner and shareholder from all company documents, presumably in order to evade U.S. sanctions. Lebanon-based Hokoul supplies SYTROL with Iranian crude under IRGC-QF auspices.  Al-Bazzal and other Hizballah officials have control over the contractual and financial obligations of Hokoul, while Ali Qasir represents Hokoul in negotiating its supply of Iranian crude to Syria.  NITC vessels including the DELICE, the DESTINY, the HAPPINESS I, and the SINOPA transport such petroleum and petroleum products, and are identified pursuant to E.O. 13224 today as property in which Hokoul has an interest.  Ali Qasir also is the managing director of Talaqi Group, which finances oil shipments for the IRGC-QF." (U.S. Department of the Treasury, "Treasury Designates Vast Iranian Petroleum Shipping Network That Supports IRGC-QF and Terror Proxies," 9/4/2019).