Habib Bank Limited


"Iran and Pakistan’s biggest lenders are interested in opening branches in each other’s country, which was announced in a meeting between the governor of the Central Bank of Iran and the Pakistani ambassador to Iran. He added that the multinational HBL, the largest bank in Pakistan –formerly referred to as Habib Bank Limited– and the Karachi-based United Bank Limited have had representative offices in Iran for years." (August 2017)


According to the Law in Iran Group, Habib Bank has a representative office in Iran.  (Law in Iran Group Website, “Branches and Representative Offices in the Laws of Iran,” 9/24/2015).

  • Conducts business with U.S. that service designated Iranian banks 
  • Provides services to UN3 Iranian banks 
  • Provides ACUs to Iran 
  • Holds Iranian accounts Operating in Iran 
  • Service 'deficient' Iranian banks with U.S. banks  (Avi Jorisch, "Iran's Dirty Banking", 2010)