Good Luck Shipping


Good Luck Shipping is listed on OFAC's Specially Designated National's (SDN) List


"The European Union is moving to a new approach in reinforcing its Iran sanctions regime in a bid to prevent legal challenges by companies from undermining the West's efforts to counter Tehran's nuclear program. In recent weeks, the EU has informed more than a dozen companies with ties to Iran that have won rulings against previous restrictions that it plans to target them with new sanctions, an EU official said…The EU also informed Good Luck Shipping Company LLC, a Dubai-based shipping agency, that it would be placed again on the sanctions list as an agent for Hafiz Darya Shipping Lines, 'a designated entity acting on behalf of IRISL.'" (Wall Street Journal, "EU Shifts Tactics to Bolster Iran Sanctions," 10/27/13)  


"A European Union court ruled Friday against the bloc's asset freeze on seven companies allegedly linked to Iran's nuclear program, adding to concerns that legal challenges could undermine Western efforts to pressure Tehran over its nuclear policy . . . The court also struck down sanctions on Good Luck Shipping Co., a Dubai-based shipping company alleged by the EU to have acted for the sanctioned Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, and on the latter company's former legal director, Naser Bateni." (Wall Street Journal, "Court Hands EU New Setback on Iran Sanctions," 9/6/13)