Gigabyte Technology

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Gigabyte is a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer, specializing in motherboards. “Our reputation as a pioneer in motherboard innovation has allowed us to diversify our product range to include graphics cards, notebooks, desktop PCs, PC components, cellular phones, server and datacenter solutions, and more” (Company website).


Avajang, an Iranian IT distributor, features the Gigabyte logo on its homepage, and lists several news articles on Gigabyte motherboards throughout the page. (Avajang website)


Gigabyte lists Avajang as one of its Middle East distributors. (Company website)

--- describes Gigabyte market activities in Iran and the Middle East: “Golden Systems acts as Gigabyte’s sole distributor for the UAE and Iran, while the vendor has multiple partnerships for other Middle East markets. Gigabyte enjoys high market share in Iran and is looking to replicate that success in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt” (, "Gigabyte plans regional base", 10/19/04).


Gigabyte has its own page through Iran ICT news, featuring news on its products and Gigabyte’s place in the Iranian market. (Gigabyte Iran ICT News website)