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"Three foreign currency printing companies have decided to discontinue their businesses in Iran, UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran U.S. group) Communications Director Nathan Carleton told Trend. Earlier this month, UANI has launched a 'Iran Rial Currency Printing Campaign', which targeted companies that print Rial for the Islamic Republic.According to Nathan Carleton, three such companies have stopped their businesses there, as a result of UANI's campaign.'All three of the firms we contacted, 'KBA', 'Flint', and 'DLR', have informed us that they are no longer involved in currency printing in Iran,' Carleton said, noting that UANI applauds the companies for their decisions . . . Flint, an ink and chemical supplier based in Luxemburg, worked in Iran through SunColor Inks Co., and held the patent for a trademarked family of banknote printing products repeatedly requested by the Central Bank of Iran . . . Nathan Carleton noted that no one should be helping the Iranian regime print more currency during this critical time.'We will continue to observe the rial's value, but we do not expect it to improve unless the regime changes course.'" (Bloomberg, "Three currency printing companies stop their businesses in Iran," 10/20/12)