According to its Annual report filed with the SEC for fiscal year 2018: "From February 2018, EXFO Solutions (formerly Astellia), a recently acquired subsidiary of EXFO organized and existing under the laws of France, engaged in transactions involving the sale of passive monitoring and troubleshooting solutions and associated services to end users in Iran. EXFO Solutions (formerly Astellia) sold the equipment for end use by Iranian mobile network operators, Mobile Communications Company of Iran ("MCCI") and MTN Irancell. Although it is difficult to evaluate with any reasonable degree of certainty, we have concluded that we cannot exclude the possibility that MCCI or MTN Irancell is owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the government of Iran.

Prior to its acquisition by EXFO, EXFO Solutions (formerly Astellia), through a subsidiary located in Lebanon, employed four (4) employees delivering services in Iran, a practice that was continued after the acquisition through the end of October 2018. These activities complied in all material respects with applicable sanction laws and regulations; however, they were inconsistent with EXFO's internal policies. EXFO discovered this activity during the pre-acquisition due diligence of EXFO Solutions (formerly Astellia) and has conducted a comprehensive internal investigation and review. As a result of this investigation and review, EXFO has implemented additional compliance procedures designed to prevent future violations of its internal policy and is currently in the process of withdrawing from any direct activities, transactions, or dealings relating to Iran or certain designated individuals or entities and will no longer have employees providing services in Iran. In addition, EXFO revised its internal policies to allow indirect support and maintenance of EXFO Solutions' systems deployed at MCCI and MTN Irancell through a non-related third-party based outside Iran to honor EXFO Solutions' (formerly Astellia) prior engagement with existing customers in compliance with applicable export controls, sanctions and other laws, rules and regulation. The withdrawal process was completed on November 4, 2018 and support services through a non-related third party was established at that date."