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JPMorgan Chase

 "In the side lines of World Forum of Central Securities Depositories, Mohammad Reza Mohseni and Hossein Fahimi, Heads of Central Securities Depository of Iran's board, visited with Euroclear's delegates.
During the meeting with Bernald Felon, Euroclear's delegate, Central Securities depository of Iran's representatives voiced Iran's capital market and Central Securities Depository of Iran's enthusiasm concerning cooperation with Euroclear to open Custodian account, settle the cross-border deals, exchange knowledge and experiences, and it was welcomed by European side." (November 21, 2017


"The Senate and the House of Representatives are drafting bills that would seek to blacklist essentially every Iranian bank. The U.S. Treasury has blacklisted 18 Iranian banks, but lawmakers say Tehran is using more than 20 other banks to finance its nuclear program and its support for militant groups, such as Hamas in the Palestinian territories and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Treasury Department officials said Wednesday that they have blacklisted 23 Iranian financial institutions in actions taken against banks and other firms. Congressional officials said the new legislation will also target communications, software and technology companies that continue to do business with Iranian banks. Possible targets include Deutsche Börse AG's Clearstream unit and Belgium-based Euroclear Group, which are believed to facilitate financial transactions for Iran's central bank... A spokesperson for Euroclear in Belgium said the company is complying with all current U.S. sanctions against Iran and that it has no dealings with Iran's central bank. 'To our knowledge, there is no other pending Iran sanctions legislation in the U.S. which would further affect Euroclear,' said the spokesperson." (The Wall Street Journal, "U.S. to Probe Iran's Commitment to Talk," 3/7/2012)