Christopher Dale, Public Relations Manager, ESET North America
[email protected]

"A Slovakia-based computer-security firm could face a U.S. investigation for sanctions violations after its anti-virus products were downloaded in Iran in an apparent attempt to secure the country's networks against the cyberworm that attacked Tehran's nuclear program. A former employee said he showed executives at ESET's San Diego offices evidence in December that their software was being downloaded and installed on tens of thousands of computers in Iran. 'It was being downloaded at a tremendous rate,' Charles Jeter told The Washington Times. 'Traffic to ESET's website [from Iran] was five times the level it was to any of our competitors ... and we were getting more traffic from Tehran than from New York and Los Angeles combined,' Mr. Jeter said, citing an analysis of last year's Internet traffic he had conducted for ESET." (The Washington Times, "Computer firm faces scrutiny over Iran downloads", 8/25/2011)