Eliya General Trading


In June 2009, the UAE-based firm Eliya General Trading was working to provide specialty alloys produced by the German firm NMT GmbH to Iran’s Kian Metals Company. Kian Metals is a cover name used by Iran’s Samen al-A’emmeh Industries Group (SAIG), which oversees Iran’s cruise and tactical missile programs, and Sanam Industries Group (SIG), which is subordinate to SAIG and responsible for the development of tactical missiles. Both SAIG and SIG have been designated by the United Nations Security Council pursuant to Resolution 1747. One of the alloys being supplied to the Iranian firm is Ti-6AI-4V, which is suitable for use in Iran’s tactical and cruise missile systems and has been previously sought by Iran’s ballistic missile program. This alloy can be used to produce missile motor cases and reentry vehicle structures, and may be controlled by the Nuclear Suppliers Group; (Wikileaks, "Efforts by UAE Based Firm to Provide German-Made Alloy" 8/7/2009).