Elektrans Shipping


"As the speed and scale of Iran’s return to the global crude market shows signs of surprising oil analysts, one shipment from the Persian Gulf country that was meant to be a milestone cargo isn’t proving straightforward to shift. Iran shipped more than 2 million barrels a day in early April, according to ship-tracking data compiled by Bloomberg and the country’s own figures. Added to the amount the nation refines itself, that implies production is already close to pre-sanctions levels. But it hasn’t all proved plain sailing: a tanker that was supposed to be hauling one of the first post-sanctions cargoes has gotten stuck near Romania and it’s not clear exactly why. The Distya Akula, a 21-year-old vessel, still hasn’t unloaded its 1 million-barrel cargo and has been bobbing for weeks off the eastern European country’s coast, tracking data show. Shortly after the vessel left Iran at the start of February, its owner initially celebrated what could have been the very first cargo delivered to Europe since sanctions were lifted against Iran. The vessel’s owner at first said Litasco SA, a unit of Lukoil, had booked it. The shipping company also initially said the carrier would go to Constanta on Romania’s Black Sea coast, where Lukoil has a refinery. While that’s where the vessel has indeed ended up, the owner corrected its initial statement and said Litasco wasn’t the buyer and Constanta wasn’t the destination. Throughout its odyssey, Distya Akula has spent time waiting. It was near the southern entrance of Egypt’s Suez Canal for more than 30 days. Now it’s been near Romania for more than three weeks. Tehseen Chauhan, an external spokeswoman for Elektrans Shipping, the Mumbai-based owner, declined to comment on why the ship’s voyage has been longer than normal." (Bloomberg, “As Iran Ramps Crude Oil Sales, Landmark Cargo Proves Tough,” 4/29/2016)


M.T. Distya Akula is the first Indian Suezmax tanker to load 130,000 mt of Iranian crude for Litasco, the trading arm of Russia's Lukoil three weeks after the removal of sanctions against Iran.  In partnership with Arya Industries (fronted by Shri Pawan Arya and Shri Puneet Arya) Gauri Ships - which is part of the Elektrans Group - co-owns and operates Distya Akula, Suezmax crude oil tanker.  With a crew complement of 24, she is flying the Indian flag. (Jan, 26, 2016)