Easyhotel says it is set to grow its portfolio by almost 20 properties over the coming years, as the budget brand announced raised revenues but a fall in profit.... Franchise hotels are also due in Malaga, Zurich, Basel, Amsterdam Schipol Airport, Dubai and – in firsts for the brand – Iran, Turkey (Istanbul) and Sri Lanka, marking its first Asian property. (5/30/2019)


On July 17, 2017, Reuters reported, “Britain’s easyHotel has reached an agreement with developers to open more than 500 rooms in Iran.”  According to the same report, “easyHotel in Iran would be managed by a franchisee, meaning much of the running of the hotels would be subcontracted to local staff, allowing the firm to expand without risking direct capital investment.”  (Reuters, “Britain’s easyHotel to expand into Iran,” 7/17/2017). 

"I refer you to our press release of 17th July, which you will find on the investor relations section of our website. We have no further comment."