Dongbu Group

South Korea

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"Iranian electronics manufacturer Entekhab plans to acquire Dongbu Daewoo Electronics by purchasing a 100 percent stake in the smaller Korean consumer electronics firm, local financial sources said Sunday." (January 2018).


According to Korean and Iranian media sources, Korea Development Bank (“KDB”), as a creditor for Dongbu Steel, is considering “putting off the plan … to sell off the cash-strapped company’s [Dongbu Steel] electric furnace used for hot-rolled steel production [at the Dangjin plant] to an Iranian steelmaker amid concerns that the U.S. could walk out a nuclear deal with the Middle Eastern country.”  (Pulse News, “S. Korea’s creditors may call off Dongbu Steel furnace sale to Iranian steelmaker,” 10/23/2017; Financial Tribune, “S. Korean Firm May Call Off Furnace Sale to Iranian Steelmaker,” 10/26/2017).


Dongbu Group is a “Global conglomerate corporation which operates through seven business segments with 59 subsidiaries and 40,000 employees.” These segments include steel, chemicals, construction and electronics. Dongbu CNI, a Dongbu Group subsidiary specializing in IT and electronics, lists an office in Tehran. Other Dongbu subsidiaries and major affiliates, including Dongbu Corporation, hold $40 million in contracts with the U.S. government.