Danske Bank A/S


On May 14, 2018, Reuters reported, “Denmark’s Danske Bank said it decided earlier this year to phase out and exit all activities to and from Iran, due to increasing operational and reputational risks associated with doing business in Iran…Danske Bank said it also decided to suspend existing relations with Iran that allowed it to support certain customers in doing business in Iran.” (5/14/2018)


"Denmark's Danske Bank signed a €500 million finance contract  with 10 Iranian banks on Thursday, becoming the second European lender to ink such an agreement with Iran." (September 21, 2017)


"CBI deputy governor has reported on attraction of financial resources worth 7.2 billion dollars through three international banks. Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) for Foreign Exchange Affairs Gholamali Kamyab, while pointing to foreign exchange projects pursued by CBI in the field of Resistance Economy, said attraction of 10 billion dollars of external resources remained as one objective defined by the central bank in the area of Resistance Economy. 'Measures taken by CBI in this regard include extensive negotiations with some foreign banks like Export-Import Bank of China (China Eximbank), the Italian Mediobank as well as Danske Bank of Denmark,' noted the official." (Mehr News, "Iran Attracts $7.2bn Finance from 3 Foreign Banks," 1/8/2017).


"Denmark's Danske Bank A/S said on Monday it was in talks with the Iranian central bank on arranging credit to clients with business activities in the country. 'To a limited extent and within the international framework, we are open to supporting our clients with activities in Iran financially,' a Danske Bank spokesman said in an email. 'We are in dialogue with Iran's central bank about this, but no deal has been reached at this point,' he said. An Iranian central bank official said that the bank had received $7.2 billion in financing from three foreign banks, including Danske Bank, Iran's Financial Tribune daily reported on Sunday." (Reuters, "Danske Bank Says in Talks with Iran Central Bank on Financing ," 1/9/2017).

“The bank can confirm its decision to phase out all activities to and from Iran due to increasing operational and reputational risks with doing business in Iran as publicly stated by the bank.” (8/10/2018).