Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc.

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Cummins Inc. is a Fortune 500 company specializing in diesel engines and generators.  Cummins Inc. also owns a number of companies and brands producing filtration products, fuel systems, air handling, and emissions control systems.  


Cummins Inc. and its subsidiaries Cummins Filtration and Cummins Turbo Technologies list Iran on their respective regions of business. (Cummins: Worldwide Service Locator)  (Cummins Filtration: Retail Locator”) (Cummins Turbo Technologies: Nearest Holset Distributor)

Cummins Inc. has completed multiple projects with numerous Iranian partners as late as 2006, supplying machinery for subway tunnel construction, dam construction, and oil field development.  (Cummins Niroo: Case Histories)


Cummins Inc. supplies diesel engines to numerous automakers currently or formerly involved in Iran, including Volvo Trucks, Iveco, and CNH.  Cummins Inc. has entered into joint ventures with two Chinese manufacturers that currently do business in Iran, Guanxi LiuGong Machinery Co. Ltd and Dongfeng Motor Corporation. Dongfeng Motor Corporation is partnered with IDRO's Saipa Group and manufactured over 4,500 trucks in Iran in 2010 alone.  (Liugong: News) (IVMA: 2010 Production Statistics)


Numerous Iranian firms advertise Cummins Inc.'s products, including: 

  • Raad Engineering Group, which lists a sale of Cummins machinery to the EU, U.S. and UN-sanctioned Khatam Al-Anbiya (Raad Engineering Group: Projects)
  • Cummins Niroo Co. prominently displays the Cummins logo and provides case histories of Cummins projects in Iran (Cummins Niroo Co.)
  • RieanPishro Co. lists a wide range of Cummins generators (RieanPishro Co.: Archives)
  • Parsian Diesel Power Plant Development Co. lists a wide range of Cummins generators (Parsian-Ind.)
  • Omrab Engineering Company provides profiles of construction projects that used Cummins products  (Omrab: Oil & Gas Utilities